How to Kill Scabies

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Disclaimer: Results may vary.


1. Take a shower or bath and dry yourself.
2. Spray yourself with our ENZYME SOLUTION.
3. Put on a bathrobe or wrap in a towel and wait 15 – 30 minutes.
4. Rub our OIL-BASED TREATMENT on your body.
5. Leave the oils on your body for a minimum of 60 minutes before showering (it’s best if you just leave the oils on your body; don’t shower them off).

DO THIS ENTIRE PROCES TWICE A DAY (Morning & Night is best).

Use our SCABIES PASTE & our BATH INTENSIVE products for difficult cases.


1. Use our FURNITURE SPRAY CONCENTRATE everywhere you sit. (Don’t forget your cars and your work.) When you’re done sitting there for the day, spray it a let it dry overnight.
2. Do your laundry regularly. Never wear an article of clothing more than once without washing it. Add 1 – 2 oz. of our LAUNDRY CONCENTRATE to every load of laundry.
3. Use our DIATOMACEOUS EARTH on your carpets and in between your bed sheets.

REMEMBER – Scabies are VERY difficult to eliminate…but NOT impossible...

You have to be consistent. You can’t miss a spot. You can’t skip a day. Please follow this regimen carefully and consistently for best results.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: Results may vary.


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