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Exposure or over exposure to pesticides can be really dangerous if they are toxic. Unlike scabies (wherein exposure to mites can be just an itchy problem!), pesticide poisoning can prove to be fatal if the immediate measures are not taken.

In scabies, when the infestation takes place, the symptoms can appear after 3-4 weeks. Scabies is also responsible for causing an allergic type of reaction on the skin. Pesticide poisoning can also sometimes cause allergic reactions on the skin. In acute poisoning the symptoms may appear within 24 hours. In chronic poisoning the poisoning occurs as a result of repeated, small, non-lethal doses over a long period of time.

Like scabies pesticide poisoning is difficult to detect because it has flu like symptoms. Pesticides which are chemically similar to one another are often grouped together into “families.” Each pesticide in a family attacks a pest in a similar way. Treatment and antidotes for poisoning are also the same within each family.

If a person has scabies, symptoms like appearance of burrows on the skin, reddening of the skin, itchiness, etc occur. Scabies is also known to cause eczema or acne. The chart given below shows the common symptoms which occur during pesticide poisoning:

Symptoms like headache, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, weakness, fatigue,
Nervousness, constriction of pupils and blurred vision, skin irritation, loss of weight as well as changes in mood occur.
In addition to those mentioned in mild symptoms, symptoms like elevated blood pressure, abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive salivation, constriction in throat and chest, confusion, perspiration and muscle inco-ordiantion are also seen. In addition to the mild and moderate symptoms, symptoms like inability to breathe, chemical burns on skin, respiratory distress, loss of reflexes, muscle twitching, convulsions and unconsciousness are also seen.

In the long run, pesticide poisoning can also cause cancer, Parkinson’s disease as well as pregnancy problems like a miscarriage, still birth, etc.

Scabies is found more in children because of their low immunity level. The Norwegian scabies target people with low immunity like infants or the ill. Children are more vulnerable to pesticide poisoning for the similar reasons.

Scabies can be tested by simple clinical tests. If the cream or solution given by the doctor for scabies in not applied as prescribed by your doctor, you risk pesticide poisoning.

Care should be taken immediately in case of pesticide poisoning. It is important to read the label given on the pesticide bottle properly before using it. The immediate measures like washing the contaminated parts, CPR or artificial respiration should be done without waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It is a good habit to give the label of the pesticide bottle to the doctor, so the doctor will be able to give the treatment rapidly.

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