The humic acid in Avirol is refined by a patented process to a specific molecular weight to be most efficacious. No other humic acid has this unique patented process applied to it. Avirol is a long-chain molecule of humic and fulvic acids produced from polymeric compounds (humates). Humates in general are naturally-occurring substances found in certain types of mineral-rich soil containing plant materials that have decomposed and reformed over thousands of years. The protective components in plants, known as phytonutrients are gradually transformed into what we now extract through sterilization in the form of Avirol.

With pharmaceutical-grade attention to quality, our patented humic acid for human use is completely safe. In fact, our humic material has undergone stringent toxicity studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health and passed with flying colors. Moreover, they were unable to administer enough of our humic acid to laboratory mice to cause any harmful effects at 100 times the normal dosage.

Each tablet of Humic and Fulvic acids is a source of up to 70 plant-derived bio-available essential minerals and micro-nutrients! Avirol is an extremely effective chelating agent that removes poisons and toxins from the body. It’s safe, powerful and very effective. Avirol’s patented proprietary blend of humic and fulvic acids helps support your body’s natural immune and cleansing systems. Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated Avirol’s ability to help protect the body and support the immune system in maintaining overall health

Avirol Directions for Use

Research indicates for a daily dosage of Avirol for improved immune health; and to support your body’s fight against bacterial and viral infections take one tablet in the morning with breakfast, one table with your evening meal. Continue normal Avirol regiment to maintain normal health. Many people choose to continue a long-term maintenance dosage of Avirol to support their body’s natural immune and cleansing systems for improved overall health.

If you are sick (cold/flu) or have been exposed to poisons or pesticides and need a stronger cleansing/detoxing/healing dosage, please increase Avirol to four (4) pills daily for women and (6) pills daily for men. Not recommended for children under the age of 5. This higher dosage regiment should only be continued for 7 to 10 days, then drop back to maintenance dosage.