ScabiesKiller Instructions

For EFFECTIVE USE of “ScabiesKiller” products, both Enzymes and Oils “go hand in hand”, they MUST be used together!

Enzymes- Pre-Treat Your Skin to Help The Oils Penetrate Better. Also, the Enzymes Kill any living scabies mites and eggs on skin surface. Enzymes also kill scabies larvae emerging to skin surface.

Oils- Penetrate the skins deep layers to kill any burrowing scabies mites laying their eggs under the skin.

Instructions for Enzyme Spray Solution and Natural Oil-Based Treatment

  • Apply Enzyme Solution (spray pump) directly on affected areas, and allow solution to soak into skin for 5 minutes.
  • Next apply the Natural Oil-Based Treatment directly on affected areas and massage into skin. Extend application of Enzymes and Oils, to include an area of skin at least 6 inches outside affected areas. If possible, do not wash off Oils, but allow them to soak into skin.
  • Repeat applications of Enzyme Solution and Natural Oil-Based Treatment 3 to 6 times daily, or as necessary to stop the itching.
  • Daily MINIMUM recommendations are morning, noon, and evening applications.

Itching caused by your body’s, exfoliating, detoxifying and healing process may persist for a period of weeks to months depending on age. It is highly recommended that you continue using topical solutions for 3 weeks after symptoms dissipate.

Instructions for Enzyme Bath Intensive and Hot Oil Bath Intensive

Step One: Take your first bath using Enzyme Bath Intensive product.

  • Fill tub with warm to hot water then add approximately 2-4 oz. of Enzyme Bath Intensive and soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. Drain tub completely before step two.

Step Two: Take your second bath using Hot Oil Bath Intensive product.

  • Refill tub with warm to hot water then add approximately 2-4 oz. of Hot Oil Bath Intensive and again, soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. The longer you soak the better, because as skin softens in water, deeper skin penetration of oils will occur.
  • After second bath, do not wash off using soap, or vigorously towel dry skin. Do not reuse bath water for multiple treatments or additional family members.

Instructions for Environment Spray

Fill the empty sprayer bottle almost all the way with water.
Then add the entire contents of one of the Furniture Spray Concentrate (2 oz) bottles into the sprayer.
Shake well and spray anywhere people with scabies have sat or touched.

Instructions for Laundry Concentrate

When adding clothes to the washing machine, add 2 oz of Laundry Concentrate.
Wash with your normal soap and temperature immediately.

Instructions for Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth works by cutting the scabies’ exoskeletons. Then they dry out and die.
Just sprinkle on your carpets or bedding (between the sheets) and leave it there for several days.
Then if you still have scabies, vacuum and sprinkle a fresh coating.

IMPORTANT! Repeat all treatments until you have no more scabies symptoms for at least a week.