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Our Most Popular Kit (get your treatment started right)

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The "Getting Started" Kit

This is our MOST POPULAR kit BY FAR.

  • Regular Price $297.75
  • SALE PRICE $157
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Our Money-Saving Kits (get our best prices)


Treats a Scabies Infestation on a Small Area of Your Skin. $37


Treats a Scabies Infestation on a Medium Size Area of Your Skin. $57


Treats a Scabies Infestation on a Large Area of Your Skin. $74

IMPORTANT! TREAT YOUR ENVIRONMENT TOO! (Or you'll never get rid of them.)

Our Environment Kits (you NEED to treat your Environment!)


Treats 8 Loads of Laundry plus a Small House and One Car. $57


Treats 16 Loads of Laundry plus a Medium House & Two Cars. $87


Treats 24 Loads of Laundry, a Large House and Three Cars. $111