Scabies FAQs

Is it possible to have body lice and/or scabies at the same time? YES and the same treatments apply.

Are Scabies and/or Body Lice contagious? Yes 

If my spouse/partner is sleeping in the same bed, can they also get mites from me? YES

Can I allow my head, ears and nose to get wet with the Hot Bath products? YES, we recommend that your entire head and hair gets soaking wet. You can also hand treat ears & nose with a cue tip.

So it is best if I get my head and hair completely wet, while using the Hot Bath products? YES

Will the Hot Bath products kill Head Lice and Body Lice as well as Scabies? YES

Will it help to have water as hot as I can stand it for Bath products? No, just comfortably hot.

What are the small black dots I see in the water? Blood, dead skin or defecation pellets from mites.

Do I need to scrub my body with a wash cloth and soap after the Enzyme Bath treatment before I take a second bath with the Hot Oil Bath Treatment? No, not necessary to wash, unless you desire.

After both baths are completed, do I towel off or just leave oil product on skin for as long as possible? If you have time, do not towel off oils and dress. Allow product to stay on skin for as long as possible before dressing. Wear loose clothing during this time and remember to wash cloths afterwards.

Do I have to take 2 Bath Treatments during the 1st day, if it’s late in the day? NO

Should I continue Bath Treatments for more than two times, if I can afford to buy more? YES

Can I spot treat an area that is itchy but not treat my whole body every time? Yes, repeated spot treating is recommended. Itching is a sign mites are on the move and time to retreat affected skin.

Can I use store bought poisons if I am out of your products? We do not recommend ever using poisons on your body. It is safer as an adult to use but dangerous to apply on smaller children.

Is the half gallon size of enzymes you sell, stronger? Yes, it is undiluted from the factory and four times stronger than the regular Scabies Enzyme Spray.

Can I use a steamer wand to kill mites/eggs on hard surfaces or clothing? Yes, on hard surfaces. For clothing, we still recommend washing all clothing and bedding in the BugKiller Laundry Concentrate.

Why do bugs seem to bother me more at night? Mites are nocturnal and move around more at night.

Do Scabies mites jump or fly? NO

Will bed casement covers provide a barrier from eggs/mites crawling from mattress on to me? YES. Mattress covers are helpful against body lice, scabies and bed bugs.

Can I sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on the raw mattress, area rugs and/or carpets and leave the material there overnight? Yes we recommend that you leave the Diatomaceous Earth down as long as possible to create a kill zone. If mites crawl cross the earth, it will kill them.

Does vacuuming pick up all bugs and eggs? No. The glue will hold most of the eggs in the carpet fibers and the living bugs/mites have claws and many are able to hold on to fibers when you vacuum.

Can I also use Baking Soda and/or regular laundry soap with your Bug Killer Laundry Concentrate without destroying the effectiveness of the Laundry Concentrate? YES

If I see lice on my face or hands can I just wipe them off with a tissue? YES, and properly dispose.

Is it safe to use the Oils & Enzymes on my face, ears and nostrils with a regular cotton pad or cue tip? YES, but be careful not get oils or enzymes directly in your eyes. If you do, just wash your eyes out repeatedly with water until irritation stops.