Diatomaceous Earth

Many thousands of years ago, microscopic one-celled plants called diatoms used the minerals from the waters they lived in and created protective shells for themselves. Diatoms once lived in huge quantities and as they died their shells drifted to the bottom of the seas. Through this natural life cycle process, large deposits of diatom shells developed. We now call these deposits “diatomaceous earth.”

Our Diatomaceous Earth causes death to parasites/insects by actually cutting or puncturing the insects’ exoskeletons when they crawl across the dust. This exposes the bugs’ shell structure to cuts and causes internal fluids to ‘bleed-out’, causing death in a short time by dehydration.

While insecticides attempt to kill bugs chemically, bugs have developed immunity to most of these insecticides, both artificial and natural. Most insects over time usually develop immunity to insecticides, chemicals, and poisons.

It is impossible for insects to become immune to diatomaceous earth.

We at Access Nutraceuticals only utilize the best fresh water deposits of this raw material in our BugKiller Diatomaceous Earth product offering. The fresh water version of diatomaceous earth is so pure that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given it a “food-grade” designation. Many people over for centuries have eaten these materials to kill intestinal parasites without harm to them.

Access Nutraceuticals does not use or contain any natural or synthetic botanical pesticides or chemicals like Pyrethrums (So-called ‘Natural Pyrethrin’ pesticides made from plants, flowers or their roots). We do not use any chlorinated phosphates or synthetic pesticides, Lindane, Pyrethrins, Pythroids, Malathion and Piperonyl Butoxide, Poisons or other toxins which are commonly found in almost all commercial insecticides and some diatomaceous eart (DE) products.

Lightly sprinkle/shake BugKiller Diatomaceous Earth on carpets, mattresses, entry ways and all other areas that you suspect there are lice, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, scabies, roaches, ants and their eggs or other household parasites/insects that may be crawling around your home attempting to re-acquire people or pets for a meal.

In case of scabies, body lice, mites, and others you may also topically rub on affrected areas of skin from bites that cause itching and burning sensations.