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MSM is a unique form of dietary sulfur that researchers have discovered has tremendous therapeutic value for treating a wide variety of physical conditions that include: Acne, Acid Indigestion, Allergies, Arthritis, Bursitis, Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Detoxify from Pesticide exposures, Headaches, Muscle Pain, Parasites of the Intestine, Scar Tissue Restoration, Skin Problems & Inflammations, Spider Bites & Bee Stings, Tendonitis, Varicose Veins, Wrinkles and Age Spots.

Some of the most profound breakthroughs over the last 40 years have been in the field of medicine, specifically in our understanding of how our bodies work and what we need to do to maintain health and increase our longevity. Choosing simple, basic natural substances as opposed to complex formulas can also provide more dramatic healing with few side effects, which is why we generally recommend single herbs, homeopathic remedies or other single supplements in treating issues and illness.


Research has shown that MSM can play a dramatic role in many physical problems and maladies including: General Pain Control for Inflammation, General Muscular Aches and Pains, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergies, Constipation, Stomach Problems, Parasitic Infections, Scabies, Mites of all sorts, Head & Body Lice and more. Our MSM is Pure Lignisul Granular Crystals made to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and are fine products. Both granular or powder MSM will provide you with the same results.


MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in the tissues and fluids of all plants, animals and humans. MSM makes up 85% of all sulfur found in all living organisms. Unknown to most of us, sulfur is a vital and essential substance contained in all living things. Actually 96% of our bodies are composed of five basic elements: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulfur. MSM is a special type of dietary sulfur that is essential to our health and well-being.

Unlike sulfa drugs (sulfonamides), MSM can be given in large doses (up to 5000 mg per day) as a dietary sulfur supplement without deleterious side effects of any kind.


As A Dietary Supplement: you can add 250 to 500 mg mixed in food or beverages with each meal. It can be taken during the day or right before bedtime for an excellent sleep aid and to reduce or stop acid reflux and/or heartburn associated with eating acidic or greasy foods later in the evening. The amount you need really depends on the severity of any symptoms you are treating; the overall condition of your immune system and how effectively your body is able to utilize the MSM. Other factors such as body size and weight can also affect the amount of MSM you need to take. As a rule MSM must be taken frequently in order to be therapeutically effective. When taking MSM to improve symptoms of illness, MSM should be taken every day, preferably several times a day with meals. Researchers have generally used total daily dosages ranging from 250 (1/4 teaspoon) to 2000 mg (2 teaspoons) per day in treating illness. In severe cases, up to 5000 mg per day can be taken for a limited time with no side effects.


You can also add MSM directly to your favorite lotions or skin products and rub on to areas of skin inflammation, including: Acne, Bruises, Skin Problems (Eczema, Psoriasis, etc.), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Varicose Veins, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain (Cramps, Soreness, etc.). You can also add MSM to water and make a spray and use on burns, rashes, sunburn, and external fungus such as athlete’s foot, ringworm and others. MSM dissolved in water can also be uses as a mouthwash for bad breath, inflamed or bleeding gums, as a natural teeth whitener and for general dental health.


MSM is known to have an inhibitory effect on cross-linking of collagen and protein, which reduces the hardening of skin and connective tissue; this property makes MSM an extraordinary treatment for improving the quality of the skin, hair and nails. MSM lotions can be applied directly to the skin for treating problems such as acne, burns, topical fungus and dry, aged, wrinkled skin. Apply liberally to the skin and rub gently into the affected areas. This is due to MSM’s reported ability to make rigid cell walls (caused by aging or damage) more permeable, thus allowing for increased nutrient absorption. If you are taking other supplements or medications, be aware that you may want to decrease the amounts of the other substances you usually take when taking frequent dose of MSM.

IN CONCLUSION : There are many other conditions in addition to those already mentioned, which have responded favorably to MSM in clinical studies. But, is fair to say that MSM can be applied both internally and externally to enhance and strengthen your overall health. MSM is a fascinating, life-enhancing agent that most everyone should take regularly.