The Reason You Can't Get Rid of Scabies is Because...

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When all the other products fail, Scabies Killer really works!

Scabies Killer Brand Scabies Treatment Products will help you FINALLY be done dealing with scabies. Get back to your normal lives.

How You Benefit from Using Scabies Killer:

Get Rid of Scabies Safely

The Poison-Based treatments contain POISON! It is not good for you or your children.

And as you have discovered, the poison-based products (even prescription strength) no longer work to kill the scabies!

Scabies Killer is Totally Harmless to Humans. It is safe to use even on babies. And it doesn't harm pets! Yet, it Kills Scabies.

Kill Scabies in Your Environment

Scabies cannot jump or fly. But they do the "Drop and Crawl" really well. They will drop off one person's head and crawl onto another person or even back onto the same person.

Scabies Killer has products to kill the scabies in your home and cars.


You will probably get Re-Infestations for Three Main Reasons:

1) Your circle of family & friends probably have scabies. 2) Your environment has them. 3) Scabies do the "Drop and Crawl" to avoid being killed during treatment.

You can use Scabies Killer every day if needed. No more waiting 7-10 days between treatments!

Know You're Using the Best

Scabies Killer Brand scabies treatment products come highly recommended. They have been used successfully by over 80,000 families. They are the #1 Natural Scabies Treatments on the market.

You can have confidence knowing you have the best products working for you.


Scabies Killer uses a Two-Part Process to Kill Scabies:

STEP ONE - Take a shower/bath and dry yourself.

STEP TWO - Spray yourself with our ENZYME SOLUTION

STEP THREE - Wait 15-30 minutes, then use OIL-BASED TREATMENT on your body

STEP FOUR - Leave the oils on for an hour before showering (It's best to leave them on overnight)

DO THIS ENTIRE PROCESS TWICE A DAY (Morning and Night is best)

Use our SCABIES PASTE & our BATH INTENSIVE products for difficult cases

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