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Scabies Home Environment Kit Instructions

Prior to use of our Home Environment Kit please gather ALL unnecessary clothing and fiber-based toys that will not be needed for the duration of your treatment; store in plastic bags and place in home closet, garage or storage unit. Bagging all unnecessary household items will reduce the amount of environmental products needed to treat the home throughout the duration of your recovery process…
Bug Killer Laundry Concentrate

Gather all clothing and bedding and wash with Laundry Concentrate.

Add 1-2 oz. (2-3 Tablespoons) of Bug Killer Laundry Concentrate per wash load in warm water only. You may also add your favorite laundry detergent like Tide or Clorox. Enzymes work best in warm water.

Set washer to warm water; not hot or cold water cycle options.

Use dryer as necessary; all mites and eggs are already dead in wash cycle.

Laundry Concentrate will dissolve bugs, parasites, eggs/nits, fungus, grease and other organic matter. It cleans and deodorizes without harsh chemicals.

Furniture Spray Concentrate

Empty contents of one 2oz Furniture Spray Concentrate (Blue Bottle) into an empty 24 oz. spray bottle provided.

Fill the remainder of the spray bottle with warm tap or distilled water. Ideal temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Attach the spray gun nozzle, set nozzle tip to a light mist, and use.

Spray fiber-based (cloth upholstery) furniture, chairs, carpets, throw rugs, bed mattresses, car seats and or carpeted floor mats, backpacks and even vacuum cleaner head and brush after use.

Pay special attention to mattresses and the “foot-print” area around bed.

Vacuum entire home to the best of your ability.

Repeat daily for a minimum of 3-6 weeks.

Re-Infestations or the spreading of scabies can happen… Our best advice is to conduct regular inspections. Share with all parties living in household environment not to have skin to skin contact with any affected persons. Make sure to spray and wash anything and everything that could have been touched or worn by affected persons. Repeatedly spray Enzymes on hands and affected areas many times daily!